• quantum keys_show visual lines for trade orders

    Press this button to open the trade calculator. This feature will automatically calculate the lot size based on your risk, stop loss and take profit inputs.

    Two lines will appear: (1) stop loss and (2) take profit.

  • Quantum Keys_Switch_Function

    When the calculation lines are on screen, press this button to toggle between buy and sell trades.

  • This moves the take profit line to a distance based on the risk-reward input setting. This applies only when the calculation lines are open. This works both for market orders, limit orders and pyramid entries.

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  • quantum keys_enter order button

    This button will execute your order for all types of entries including: market, limit and pyramid orders.

  • quantum keys_limit order function

    Three lines will appear (1)stop loss(2)take profit and (3)limit order price. You will be able to drag these lines to desired price levels and then press “Enter Order” to execute a limit order.

  • quantum keys_pyramid order function, martingale

    This opens the calculations for pyramid entry feature. 3 types of lines will appear (1)stop loss, (2)take profit, (3)up to 4 limit order price lines will appear.

    This will automatically calculate your lot size based on your risk input, the percentage split set by you for each limit order and stop loss.

    Press “Enter Order” to execute the orders.

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  • quantum keys_close all positions in full for trading

    This button will exit all open positions, 100% of positions will be exited.

  • quantum keys_close half of positions in trade

    Closes half of all the open positions. i.e. 50% of the volume of all open positions will be closed.

  • quantum keys_custom close and exit trade

    This function will close a percentage of all open positions based on your specified input .i.e. If the input is set to 80%, this will close 80% of all open positions.

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  • quantum keys_automatic partial take profits for trading

    This keys enable you to set up to two partial take profit triggers at specific price levels.

    The percentages to close positions can be specified in the input settings. This applies to all open positions.

  • quantum keys_auto breakeven

    This function will only work if a trade is active and upon reaching a specified price level, Quantum Keys will move stop loss to breakeven.

  • quantum keys_automatic movement of stop loss price to breakeven

    This shifts your stop loss to breakeven with a single button.

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