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Get the best trade and risk management tool you'll ever need.

Take control of your risk management with Quantum Keys's Automatic Lot Size Calculator and Risk-Management features.

Simplify complex calculations and ensure that each trade aligns with your risk tolerance, providing peace of mind in your trading journey.

  • Automatic lot size calculator for forex, stocks, crypto, futures

    Optimal Lot Size, Effortlessly Calculated

    Elevate your risk management strategy with our automatic lot size calculator with four different modes; balance, equity, fixed amount or using a fixed lot size.

  • precise trade entry and exits for forex, stocks, crypto trading

    Total Position Control at Your Finger Tips

    Empowering traders with trade management features to close positions in full, half or a customized amount.

  • Automatic_Triggers_for_breakeven_and_partial_take_profits_automatic risk management

    Efficiency Unleashed

    Minimize risk and protect profits with partial take profits and automatic breakeven functions that are triggered at price points specified by you.

  • pyramid entry for trading, martingale strategy

    Strategic Position Building with Pyramid Entries

    Leverage pyramid entries to capitalize on market movements by building positions and maximize gains.

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Empowering Traders Worldwide

As a swing trader, I tend to split my trades as price gets better (think Fibonnaci zones). This tool does the work for me when splitting my entries. It’s small and compact and matches the theme of my trade station too!

Ryan White - Funded Trader

This product is ideal for precise entries where I don’t have to manually calculate my position size. Quantum Keys does everything for me. Keeps me focused on the trading process.

Gareth C - XAU/USD Trader

This product is compact and portable. I am a travelling trader so this fits my needs. The gear is light and responsive in trading and has help me make thousands of dollars!

Alonso Fontes - Trader

Visualize Success with Quantum Keys

Trading made simple with on-screen lines for precise entries, take profits and exits.

Redefine your trading experience with precision at every step.

  • metatrader4
  • metatrader5

Precision that Travels

Trade from anywhere, anytime. Quantum Keys' portable design puts mechanical precision in the palm of your hands.

Built with lightning-fast responsive switches that sets the standard for immediate execution, giving you an unrivaled advantage in the markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on Windows?

Yes, it does. The application is built on Windows and compatible on both MT4 and MT5.

Does it work on Mac OS?

Quantum Keys can be used on Mac when virtualizing Windows 64 through Parallels Desktop, Virtual Box or any other Windows virtualization tools.

Does it come with warranty?

Yes, Quantum Keys come with a 1- year warranty.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping is free to major destinations. If any fee applies, it will be shown at the checkout page.

Can it be used on mobile or tablets?

No. Quantum Keys will only work on laptops and desktop devices.

Can I use Quantum Keys on multiple platforms at the same time?

Yes, Quantum Keys will be active on all trading platforms when installed.

However, commands will only be directed to the platform in focus/selected.

Which trading platform does Quantum Keys support?

Quantum Keys is compatible with all brokers operating on MT4 and MT5.

Features Explained

Quantum Keys is designed to help you plan and risk manage your trades before executing. Let us do the heavy lifting and focus on what matters, the trading process.

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